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Key Solutions

At the core of Tongyu Technology is exceptional RF-filter know-how, a capability which has been utilized for developing and marketing B2B RF-filtering solutions for OEM’s, Mobile Operators and consumers (via distributors). In addition to our product portfolio, we also serve our customers with technology consulting for specific RF challenges. 
However, out of this wide offering, 3 key solutions have potentially the biggest competitive impact for our customers:

Light Weight Solution (LWS) Filters

Fixed, Site tuned and remote tuned Multi Radio Combiners (MRC's)

Small Cell Solutions

What really sets us apart with our key solutions is our rapid time to market, we can take one of our innovative solutions, do customer specific adjustments, and have the solution implemented in a very short turnaround time, thus combining the advantages of customer specific modifications with off the shelf solution concepts.

For more information on how our products and services make you more competitive, please contact our sales in your region.