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At Tongyu Technology we are quite proud of our culture of innovation present in our R&D. We have an extensive team of highly trained engineers with an average of 18 years experience of developing smarter solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s filtering needs. 

LWS et al.

Over the years we have developed process and technology innovations for the whole filter industry, such as Light Weight Filter (LWS) Solutions, mechanical site tuning, plating free filters and Prismatic Tuning. 

Prismatic Tuning

In order to reach and maintain high efficiency and top quality we have developed a proprietary manufacturing procedure – Prismatic – which incorporates computer-aided alignment and data collection, allowing any filter to be tuned as part of the assembly process thereby creating cost-savings by limiting the need for skilled labor in manufacturing and significantly decreasing ramp-up time. Prismatic Tuning ensures quality variance is minimized as product tuning is computer assisted. 


Naturally, innovation is an ongoing process and we want to push ourselves in solving the most complex filtering challenges there are. In this quest we aim to be as proactive as possible, solving customers' problems directly rather than waiting for RFI's. We know this is a tall order but do test us and see how we can make you more competitive.