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Prism Microwave part of Tongyu Communication

Closing of Acquisition

Dear business partner,
We are excited to announce that Tongyu Communication has acquired Prism Microwave.
The new combined company brings together Tongyu's exceptional capabilities in Telecom antenna design and manufacturing with Prism's expertise in RF filtering. This combined offering, and international footprint, has been done to give our customers a technology and business edge as our industry evolves and consolidates.
Since day one, Prism set out to create Smaller, Lighter and Smarter RF filtering solutions, and as part of Tongyu Communication, this work continues. What changes, however, are both the resources available, and also the broadened offering.  Integration of antennas, radios, and filters are moving to the forefront, modularized concepts are being developed, and here the combined Tongyu - Prism will have exciting customer solutions going forward.
If you, our customer or business partner, have questions about the merger please talk to us. Your customary contact at Tongyu and Prism are happy to discuss how we can serve you even better going forward.
We thank you for your support so far, and look forward to continuing our business relationship with you with our increased offering and capability.