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The CEO: ”True Innovation comes through radical behavior”

”True Innovation comes through radical behavior”, that’s what I said over a decade ago when I first time started to lead an engineering organization. I still believe in this slogan. You cannot put a price tag on innovation, either you got it or you don’t. In Prism we understand that innovation sets us apart and the company is founded on a strong engineering capability that delivers.


For the past 7 -8 years, our Wireless Infrastructure industry has been in a cost cutting mode and this is typical for a mature business environment.


However, I think current Radio Developers should again put more focus on real innovation and explore alternative ways for creating wireless networks. We, in the industry, tend to sub optimize, focus on component level costs and not see the forest for the trees.


Prism has the capability to provide excellent RF products for lowering the total cost of ownership for our customers and making them more competitive. We have been working hard and still continue to do so, in order to bring fantastic new solutions to the market place. Our recent examples, including the Light Weight solution (LWS) Filters for Small Cells, Multi Radio Combiners (MRC’s) for LTE networks and DTV filters are strong proof of our capabilities.


Juha Mört President & CEO Prism Microwave Inc.