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Antenna Line

Tongyu Technology is serving customers with smarter products to enchance the capability of mobile networks globally. Our solutions include generic off the shelf products, as well as highly specialized filtering products designed to solve customer specific challenges.

Same Band Combining

Our advantageous Same Band combiner platforms offer Prism customers smooth transition of spectrum in network divestiture programs. Same band combiners can offer network share between network operators or technology share in any operators network.
Tongyu Technology 800 MHz, 1800 MHz and 2100 MHz same band combiner platforms can be configured as fixed or alternatively either factory, site or remote tuned, depending on specific customer requirements. Guard band between base stations is <1 MHz for the 800 MHz combiner and 1 MHz for 1800 MHz and 2100  MHz combiners.

System Solutions

Our standard offering includes a variety of broad band diplexers and triplexers for typical multi band combining needs. We also offer filtering solutions for special rejection filter requirements in both fixed and site tuned configurations. Our innovative site tune solution for combiners and rejection filters can be site tuned with a flip of a switch - simple and robust!
Our Design Engineers, Product Designers and Manufacturing Specialists are happy to apply their knowledge of RF technology, proprietary manufacturing techniques and advanced practices to solve your specific filtering needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact our local sales representative to allow us to understand and fix your RF conditioning challenges.

Cross Band Combiners

Prism Microwave also offers a variety of cross band combiners that are characterized by the low insertion loss over broad bandwidths, our products provide the highest degree of flexibility for mobile carriers.